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Global Block Blockchain and Crypto Broking

Institutional Trading

GlobalBlock is a crypto currency broker based in Mayfair, London. Our aim is to simplify the cryptocurrency market, making the buying and selling of digital assets simple, transparent and secure.

We provide a telephone broking service for buying and selling of all cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens to both the OTC and Retail markets.

Our brokers help clients safely navigate the complex world of crypto trading and more importantly, advise and help on the storage and safe custody of your digital assets.

Institutional Clients

We offer a full range of financial blockchain services for institutions. For clients who require large execution capabilities we have an OTC trading desk that has access to deep pools of liquidity via market makers, miners and crypto funds. Additionally, our team can also help with arranging bespoke escrow structures for peer to peer block trades and corresponding support. For clients that are holding large crypto positions Globalblock can also provide innovative hedging facilities and fiat lending structures.

Retail Clients

GlobalBlock’s retail desk assist clients who are looking to invest in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market and are either looking to remove the prohibitive costs and margins of CFD trading/ spread betting, own the actual underlying asset much as you would do a stock or work with a UK based business and banking facilities. Our friendly team are here to meet, help and educate where needed, to ensure you are set up to transact in the most safe and effective manner possible, and in a transactional size that suits your budget.

Experienced Support

As a client you will have full access to our team of in-house analysts. While we don’t offer advice on what currencies to buy/sell, our team of analysts are always on hand to discuss any crypto investments you are considering. Our analysts will keep you up to date with the latest news, views, rumours and information from the crypto world. 

Why use GlobalBlock?


Globalblock sources liquidity from the 15 largest crypto exchanges along with the top 4 market makers, enabling us to provide you with the most competitive prices in the market. We have identified that commissions to buy or sell in any form tend to be high, so naturally we have made the decision to offer the most competitive rates in the market making Globalblock cheaper than dealing directly with a crypto exchange and up to 30% cheaper than the cost of trading a crypto CFD.

Local currency deposits

With Globalblock, Cryptocurrencies can be bought directly in pounds sterling, saving on any FX conversion fees. Trading directly with Crypto exchanges requires customers to deposit in USD, therefore costing UK customers a hidden exchange fee of circa 2%.

Established London brokerage

We understand that the cryptocurrency market can appear to be rather opaque and difficult to engage with. There is a great deal of content and information on the internet, however many underlying companies are very difficult to contact or appear to be anonymous. This is why we are proud to differentiate ourselves by welcoming you to give us a call. We are here to help, work with you and of course answer any questions that you may have.

Personal account manager

When you open an account with GlobalBlock you will be assigned to a personal account manager who will assist you with the buying and selling process and keep you up to date on developments in the market.

In house analysts

Our team of analysts have years of experience in the crypto market and are available to discuss any questions you may have on individual currencies or the wider macro environment. The crypto market is currently a considerably volatile asset class and therefore keeping updated on any headwinds such as regulation is critical to assist with your investment decisions.

Safe custody

Security is of paramount importance in any crypto transaction which is why we provide secure end-to-end encryption when transferring digital assets. Once we have bought your coins, your account manager will guide you through the process of setting up a cyptocurrency wallet and advise you on how to store them securely.  Typically, digital assets are transferred to the individual client however we are able to provide a safe custody solution that is provided by a trusted third party.


Cryptocurrency broking is not currently a regulated activity, however GlobalBlock utilise similar on boarding processes as exist within more traditional asset classes.  We apply the highest standards of compliance to all aspects of the business ensuring we have comprehensive policies and procedures around governance and reporting, know-your-client and anti-money laundering policy as well as an appropriate risk and liquidity management protocol.

Most actively traded coins

Below are the top 5 most actively traded coins by GlobalBlock customers.

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Bitcoin Cash

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Global Block Blockchain and Crypto Broking

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Global Block Blockchain and Crypto Broking

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